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For several years, the CFSD Foundation has offered donors the opportunity to support specific school activities or programs. One of these opportunities is the Caryl Jones Library Fund. This fund was established to honor Caryl Jones, a retired librarian from Ventana Vista and Canyon View.  Caryl continues to volunteer in district programs such as Plant Science Night, Science Fair and Astronomy Night.

Since the fund’s inception, the CFSD Foundation has invested donations earmarked for the Library Fund with the intent of increasing the value of the fund over time. The Caryl Jones fund is now able to defray the costs of refreshing library materials at all of the district elementary schools. At the request of the District, the CFSD Foundation has liquidated and distributed the entire Caryl Jones Fund ($13,000.00+) to allow restocking of the libraries’ shelves.

We thank all of you who have donated to this fund over the year. Although this fund will now be closed, the CFSD Foundation will continue to carefully manage its other funds to maximize the impact of your donations to help District 16 schools.

Pictured above:  Kathy Callanan (CV),  Jill Wadsworth (VV), Pamela Kupper (SD) and Polly Tanner (MZ)