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Thank You 2016/2017 CFSD Foundation Donors!


Honor Society Members ($2500+)

Kim and Garret Abeyta
Amy and Khush Bhola
Brad and Anita Feder
Nicole and Kevin Koch
Laura and Barry Mac Ban
Patricia and Bake Shaffer
Tommy and Monique Yamasaki

Leadership Circle Members ($1000+)

Trina Callie-Dixon
Todd and Eileen Jackson
Mary Kamerzell
Jean and Doug Popham
Jim and Ae Todsen

Friends of the Foundation ($500+)

Eric and Laurie Bergstrom
Dan and Vicki Beskind
Robert and Jeana Darling
James Eddy
Diana and David Freshwater
Ashleigh and Michael Kruk
Andrew Neuschatz
Amy Krauss and Richard Gordon
Jenneen Lowry
Debbie and Mark McNeil
Vance and Louise Sanders

Dollar a Day Supporters ($365+)

Nancy Horton
Galena and Josh Robinson
Nadine Stoner

Other Donors

Cheryl and Klaus Axen
Michele Barnard
Stacy Brodrick
Lorena Felix
James Holden
Natalie Kujawa
Erika Leon
Jennifer and Todd Lessie
Kirsten Limesand
James and Laura McGill
Peter Reiners and Juliet McKenna
Melinda and Eric McNeilus
Sandra Nance
Linda Pelger
Sally Pezzi
Nicolette Seckeler
Ginger Thomassee

We do our best to make sure that all of the donor information is correct. Please contact us at  info@cfsdfoundation.org with any corrections.