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Terry Fortunato, Catalina Foothills High School Biology Teacher

“We are so grateful to CFSDF donors for supporting efforts to enhance our 21st century classroom capabilities. Instructional technology, coupled with teachers who know how to use it effectively, allow students to become more engaged, self-directed, and able to pursue their curiosity and questions. This combination also enables students to receive more personalized and timely feedback, and provides the purposeful sharing of resources needed for both basic skills and higher level thinking, and for performing challenging, meaningful and authentic work. In a 21st century classroom, students can choose ways to demonstrate their understanding in ways that are meaningful to them, and can also share work and materials in ways that were never possible before. These methods of learning and communicating will define a student’s world going forward. Our school’s ability to build a student’s confidence through successful use of these tools will be critical to a student’s ability to apply what is learned in the classroom to situations outside of the classroom.”

“For example, last year, students in an Astronomy course met online with scientists from ASU who work with the Mars Odyssey Orbiter Spacecraft to propose a study using a THEMIS camera onboard the spacecraft. Their proposal was accepted and they collaborated on data collection and received a previously unrecorded photograph of the surface of Mars that was used in their study.”


Career Ladder is a state-funded program that will be ending in June of 2015. Your donations to the CFSDF help us ensure that these opportunities for our students and teachers will continue.