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Please donate $25 (or more) in honor of a special CFSD Teacher.

Check the “Make this a Dedication” option to write a message.

 Schedule your Donation Today!

(please set donation date for 4/5)


What is Arizona Gives Day?

Arizona Gives Day is a one day, statewide online movement to harness the giving power of the community to strengthen the fundraising capacity of Arizona nonprofits.

What can I do? 

Arizona Gives Day is the one of BIGGEST fundraising day of the year for the CFSD Foundation. This is YOUR chance to invest in your teachers and your school district for your child. 

How does my donation benefit the CFSD Foundation?

The CFSD Foundation is committed to raising supplemental funds to attract, develop, and retain excellent teachers throughout the district.  We believe that great teachers aren’t born, they are made!

Donate during a “Power Hour” to increase your impact!

AZ Gives rewards prizes for organizations that have the most number of unique donors during designated times:

6-7 am, $100+ donation, $5,000 prize 
10-11 am, $50+ donation, $2,500 prize

1-2 pm, $25+ donation, $1,000 prize

4-5 pm, $100+ donation, $5,000 prize

6-7 pm, $50+ donation, $2,500 prize